Life Support: For Families Living With Epilepsy

Life Support: For Families Living With Epilepsy

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12 ‘nuts and bolts’ cards to help you get organized and stay organized as you adjust and live with epilepsy.  These cards offer ‘easy to access’ information that you will refer to often in your day-to-day life with epilepsy.

30 ‘Situation and Solution’ cards to serve as your personal assistant when you are caring for your child through a stormy period of her/his epilepsy.  When epilepsy is quiet, these cards are designed to support you in your recovery and help you and your family live well.

‘Situation and Solution’ cards offer:

  • Information about the common situations families encounter when adjusting to an epilepsy diagnosis

  • Support to normalize and validate the emotional journey

  • Solutions to solve the many puzzles that come with an epilepsy diagnosis

  • Scripts to help families stay connected and grow closer through the stress and chaos that comes with an epilepsy diagnosis

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