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If you are new to my private practice, welcome.

It is often during life’s challenging passages that we most need a guide who is on our side, who can see and illuminate what is strong and resilient in us (even if we cannot) and who can usher us on the way to relief, less suffering, and greater ease in our lives.

If you are stuck in frustrating relational patterns that seem to repeat themselves and cause you suffering, then let’s look together at what is ready for change in you. Looking together at what is blocked or feels "stuck", we can process and heal wounds from the past and work towards understanding your longings and boundaries for today with more clarity. My explicit hope is that we will hone your skills towards communicating these needs in a way that supports them to be met consistently. The natural outcropping of our work will be easier, more honest relationships, greater trust in yourself to make tough decisions, and increased joy, energy and deeper connections in your life. Let's design and create a self-chosen life path which will be marked by an ability to both listen and respond to your own inner directives rather than defensively react to the circumstances surrounding you.

I like to imagine myself a warrior fiercely standing guard of each family that I have the privilege to work with. I believe firmly that if more families had a clear-minded, caring and protective "other" who is willing to take a stand for each family members’ innate strengths, guide them all in slowing down and help them to know themselves as a unit of separate yet connected people where differences and needs can be expressed AND honored,  then many more families would be able to weather the stormy early years and come out on the other side of raising young people, proud and preserved.



RESET Therapy

RESET Therapy (Reconsolidation Enhancement through Stimulation of Emotional Triggers) is a treatment process that interferes with your selected and targeted memory. We have learned that this emotionally charged memory is restored repeatedly after it is selectively lit up in the emotional part of the brain (amygdala) through your intentional focus.

This treatment is a noninvasive, sound-oriented intervention which utilizes brief exposure therapy combined with acoustical neurostimulation (sound).  The published results of three case studies by Dr. George Lindenfeld expounded upon in his book "Brain on Fire" characterize our goal of rapidly modifying varied memory circuits in the brain in order to relieve your targeted Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.



AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) Therapy

AEDP for Couples:  As an affirming guide, we work together to uncover what non-conscious patterns of relating are blocking intimacy and connection for you. We focus on building the attuned, responsive capacities of each partner. Through an emotionally focused moment-to-moment tracking of a couple’s interactions, I guide your partnership towards developing a secure base, so that each partner can safely incorporate a more aware, loving and compassionate self into your couple life at home.

AEDP for Individuals:  AEDP is an healing-oriented treatment modality that is non-pathologizing.

AEDP operates from a baseline of trust that every person is innately wired with the emotional health required for a joyful life already built into them. When we feel safe, we let down defensive barriers and when those barriers are down, our innate ability to grow and expand also helps us heal.

The aim of AEDP is to release these innate healing tendencies, to follow the positive markers that identify naturally occurring adaptive changes and to harness their potential for healing, all in the context of the therapeutic relationship.