Learn how to talk about hard stuff when hard stuff feels too hard to talk about

What Does L.A.B. Stand For? 


In Polly’s journey to learning how to speak with her kids in the tough moments, she found herself at times utterly speechless, sometimes cold and punishing and at other times overly coddling and too passive. Where was the middle road and what did it sound like? She wanted to know and when she figured it out, she wanted to share it. She crafted a new kind of talk for parenting in tough moments that fills in the gap between yelling, shutting down or giving up. The LAB Method teaches you how to stay in ‘the middle’, get unstuck quickly and use your words to become a clear and steady talker even in the messiest of moments. (Uh buh-bye, shaming, blaming, threatening, and punishing language of yesteryear).


How we are with our kids today will create a lasting blueprint for who they will become. Learn how to attune to your kids and play with them too. Find out how to let go of the routine. Learn to accept the child you got rather than trying to shape them into the child you thought you wanted. Learn how to move through breakdowns together and most of all, discover the profound rewards from learning to repair with your kids along the way. How we get through the hard moments and whether we repair, heal and recover together along the way, will determine the health of their future relationships and their future mental health.


Kids flourish, develop optimally and succeed in the world when boundaries are clear and understood. In order for relationships to thrive and for kids to show up as their best selves, they need to understand the boundaries and trust that someone will calmly hold them in place. We teach the “how” of setting and holding relationship boundaries, emotional boundaries and physical boundaries to create respectful interactions that feel good for the leader and safe for the follower.