Polly Ely, MFT

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Out of a desire to share the tools she amassed in her training as a family therapist and parent of 2 kids (18 and 20 years), Polly Ely formed The LAB Method.

Polly has been married and in love for 23 years strong. Together, she and her partner have raised two stunning individuals. Her son, a free spirited and energetic, extraverted lover of life, is a student at The University of Michigan and her daughter, an open hearted writer-activist, is soon to begin college at TBD (we are anxiously awaiting this news). Both are launching eagerly into their path towards adulting.

Polly received her Master’s degree from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California in 2011. Shortly after graduating, she became a devoted practitioner of an experiential form of healing called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and is currently studying Relational Life Therapy (RLT).


Polly’s speaking style:

Recently reviewed as "a passionate, inspired, supportive, gritty crusader", Polly dedicates her professional energy to bringing forth a truthful (and hilarious) conversation about the real life picture of parenting and family life. She provides "the ultimate roadmap with practical fixes and immediate solutions for getting unstuck with kids, while always tying the little moments of the day to a bigger picture relating to mental health, secure attachment and addiction prevention.”

With compassion and a judgment-free delivery, she guides parents through the twists and turns of parenting at every age and stage teaching them (often through stories of her own fumbles) HOW to be in charge and be relaxed at the same time. She writes and speaks as a supportive ally to parents and partners everywhere, naming and normalizing the sometimes harrowing journey of parenting and giving parents actual routes out of the places where they feel lost.