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The LAB Method provides a practical set of tools to help parents lead in a relaxed way so their families can connect and thrive. Welcome to parent school.

Polly offers practical roadmaps and simple tools that take parents from the land of feeling stuck, lost and exasperated to a place of meaningful connection and relaxed leadership. Her powerful mantras and user-friendly language guide parents to lead without losing their cool and to set boundaries peacefully. Each LAB Method intervention builds in mutual respect between parents, kids and partners, bringing immediate relief to stressed interactions and inspiring kids to intrinsically want to follow their leaders.








We teach the how of:

Using your words: Pick up some new ways to talk about hard stuff and lead with direct, mindful & effective language

Secure attachment: Learn how to move through challenges with care and awareness keeping interactions honest, safe and non-shaming

Boundary setting: Learn to masterfully set and hold boundaries without blowing your top

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Polly Ely, MFT

About Polly

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The ‘What Can I Say?’ deck is an inspiring tool... these cards offer the most practical guide I’ve seen.
— Gavin deBecker, bestselling author of "Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children Safe (and Parents Sane)"


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