Tech Agreement


We're often asked what tools parents can use to manage technology at home. The following list is a good start, and we update it regularly.


The Technology Agreement

Please feel free to use and edit this agreement according to your family's needs and values. This is a living, breathing agreement, not just a simple contract to read once and sign but something to return to again and again as you hone the skills to keep agreements around tech use.

Managing Technology Access @ Home

There are many tools now being made available to parents that enable you to limit or restrict internet access at home. Please make use of this updated list of resources both to secure your network and to help your child manage his/her time using technology.


Internet Access

  • Manage Wi-Fi network screen-time using a Wi-Fi router with family controls: Google Wifi

  • Xfinity has parental monitoring as part of their home internet service

  • AT&T and Verizon customers: Log in to turn off cellular access, set hours of use and set usage limits

  • The new "Families" page — located at — is an attempt to help parents understand and use all the features that are already floating around on Apple devices. Many parents may not know that they have the power to track their children's location, monitor and limit their purchases, and filter what content they can see on their devices.

Content Restrictions

  • Limit access to pornographic sites for FREE with Open DNS

  • Schedule downtime from distracting apps and social media site with

  • Use Our Pact to turn off ALL non-apple non-native apps for big chunks of the day

  • Common Sense Media recommends

Remote Monitor and manage your kid’s tech use (remotely from your phone)

  • Mobicip is a popular parental controls service with the widest multi-platform support in the industry.

  • Check out Web Watcher to monitor your kid’s mobile and PC activity

  • Circle is a nice way for families to manage content and time online, on any device

  • Another great solution for managing kid’s tech use and app access is UnGlue