“This deck is an inspiring tool...these cards offer the most practical guide I’ve seen.”
— Gavin deBecker, bestselling author of "Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children Safe (and Parents Sane)"

Family Talk Deck

These 30 cards refresh how you speak with your kids while you hold the reins and build trust at home. ‘Family Talk’ empowers parents to lead peacefully and turn stuck moments into opportunities to grow closer. If you hear yourself pleading, shaming, bribing or blowing your top, grab a card and practice a new kind of talk that builds remarkable, lasting connections.

Tech Talk Deck

Our Tech Talk deck empowers parents to speak in clear and kind ways about technology use at home. This deck of 30 cards is a lifesaver - helping you steer around the potholes, diffuse the screen time landmines, and open up a refreshing dialogue about how to stay truly ‘connected’.

When my kids were young, I studied the words of parents and educators I admired in the hope of learning to talk to my children in a way I could feel proud of - especially in the hard moments. I wrote and memorized simple scripts and evolved my shaky parent voice to speak in steady and kind ways. As my words and tones changed, so did my connection to my kids, my partner, and myself. Here are some of my favorite mini-scripts, organized into decks of cards, to help you speak in ways that you feel proud of too…
— Polly Ely, MFT