Polly encourages parents to leave behind shame-based, “power-over", fear-centric, authoritarian ways of relating in favor of those based on truthfulness, vulnerability, mutual accountability and gentle, solid leadership.

With a focus on building secure attachments among family members, Polly's compassionate, moving, and humorous approach leaves parents and partners with the practical tools they need to build deep and rewarding relationships. 


Parent LAB - getting Unstuck with Little Ones

Wednesday / January 10 / 7:00pm / The MAGC Garden School / Private Event



Tuesday / January 23 / 6:30pm / Marin Country Day School / For MCDS Parents

Technology doesn't have to divide you and your kids. It can actually bring you closer. Learn how to cultivate trust and raise accountability around screen-time at home while building closeness. Learn how to design some clear boundaries around phone time that serves your relationship and are easy to implement. 

MCDS Parents Only

MCDS Parents Only

What is essential to know? How do I protect them from harm? How do I protect our relationship? How do I secure our home wifi? How much tech is too much? What will our agreements be around technology? How do we maintain them without fighting? My kid is so preoccupied with getting a show or playing a game on my phone. How do I set up a life that isn’t a constant negotiation around tech use?

Tech LAB: Connecting to your Values, Boundaries & Agreements before connecting to devices

Wednesday / January 31 / 6:30pm / Greenwood School / Open Event

What is essential to know? How do I protect them from harm? How do I protect our relationship? How do I secure our home wifi? How much tech is too much? What will our agreements be around technology? How do we maintain them as parents? My kid is so preoccupied with getting a show or playing a game on my phone. How do I set up a life that isn’t a constant negotiation around tech use?

Parent LAB - Topic TBA

Wednesday / February 28 / 7:00pm / Neil Cummins Elementary & The Cove School / Open Event

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THE Sibling LAB: Transforming rivalry to revelry

Wednesday / April 4 / 6:30pm / Greenwood School / Open Event

Contact Greenwood School or SMMC for details

Contact Greenwood School or SMMC for details

What can I do to promote a strong bond between my kids? Their fighting creates so much tension and upset at home. What can I do to help their relationship thrive? How can I help them build a safe connection? What is my role when they are fighting? Why are they constantly AT each other? Polly will answer these questions in the Sibling LAB and show you a productive road to cultivating a peaceful home.

Wow, I just attended the Manners LAB & I have to tell you both we had the nicest family dinner ever last night. No one sat until the chef sat. Everyone helped out. We had great conversation. They loved the dinner. They did the dishes, fed the dog and got up this a.m., made their beds and emptied the dishwasher at 7:15 before going to school! ... a refresh in manners and the importance of everyone contributing made a huge difference for me. I can’t thank you enough! I’m looking forward to the Sibling Lab.
— Kate K. Mill Valley, CA


Lean Out Leadership LAB:

Learn the miraculous skill of leading kids WHILE relaxed!  Anyone can learn how to steer the family ship without using "power-over" tactics (such as yelling, threatening, shaming) This LAB is a game changer for parents who are feeling exhausted by the game.

TEEN LAB: The Big Pivot: What's my Role now that my kid is no longer really a kid?

What am I supposed to be teaching them? How much help is too much help?  How do I create an alliance with my teen so they feel that I am rooting for them rather than saving them?

Emotions and Anxiety LAB: What “to do” about your kid’s emotions that could save your life and theirs

If you have a sensitive child, an anxious child or a reactive child that “doesn’t want to talk about” their stormy moods, then this is the LAB for you. Find out how you can navigate feelings to prevent depression, chronic anxiety and addiction.

Contact Ross Valley Nursery School for details.

Contact Ross Valley Nursery School for details.

Parent LAB: Getting Unstuck with Little Ones

Leadership that Feels Relaxing for the Leader and Safe for the Follower. The tips and tricks that Polly teaches are not just life saving they are massively stress-reducing and are immediately effective. Most of all, Polly’s methods completely change the dynamic between parents and kids so that you feel whole and preserved at the end of a tough day, rather than threaded and shredded by the parent experience.

Online Safety: Relationships & Devices

How do we create agreements around technology that aren’t punitive and divisive? What are the boundaries and how do we talk about them so doors aren’t constantly slamming and devices aren’t being angrily yanked away? How do I keep my kid as safe as possible? Find out in this 90 min Tech LAB.


"What do my kids need more than anything else from me? Is there anything I can communicate to them today that will completely change the course of their lives? Why is my wife so grouchy with me?"

Dads, this LAB is where you can learn powerful information about how to connect with your kids, ask anything, and get answers that may change your kids' life as well as your own. 


A Natural Approach to Soothing An Anxious Child

No one ever played with me as a kid and now I don’t really know how to hangout/play with my kid. My child seems desperate for attention! How much time do I really need to give him/her to build an amazing relationship and an independent kid?  Why is my child acting out? What can I do to help them feel more settled inside and seek attention in more productive ways?  My kid is clingy and anxious. Is there something I can offer that might help them relax and grow secure? Is there anything I can do TODAY with my kids to prevent a nightmare later? Yes.

Find out the very simple concrete things you can do to raise a secure person and grow a lasting sturdy bond with your kids.


Parent LAB: Relaxed Leadership

Learn how to lean back and trust yourself as a Leader (even when the wheels are falling off the bus!)

Stress and stuck-ness, while embedded in the very fabric of life with kids, does not have to render you tense, exhausted or reactive. Polly sprinkles breadcrumbs in the form of practical tips to get you out of the parenting moments that can leave you feeling lost or at your wits end. Her simple scripts and relaxed guidance empowers parents to lead without blaming, shaming, bribing, threatening or blowing their top.

Holy Shift! The Magic & Science of Finding Your Cool when you've lost it

This series is for parents who want to practice what they preach, enjoy their parenting more, and lose their cool LESS. I'll go in-depth on how to regulate your own big emotions and reactivity, offering you tools and strategies to help you be a grounded, safe, and relaxed leader.
6 Mondays this fall from 12:30pm - 2pm

  • Monday, Sep. 11: Soothing and Diffusing Anger Immediately
  • Monday, Sep. 25: Detecting Overwhelm & Finding Ground
  • Monday, Oct. 2: Communicating in Tense Moments
  • Monday, Oct. 9: Low Intensity Leadership: Getting them to listen without getting LOUD
  • Monday, Nov. 6: The Post Anger Fall-Out: Reflecting and repairing 
  • Monday, Nov. 13: The Art of Self Care: Taking off your "parent hat" (and feeling good about it) 

In each session, I will teach and Q&A will be sprinkled throughout to make the learning as relevant and real as possible for the participants. SOLD OUT