HOst A LAB Of Your Own

With an added focus on building secure attachments among family members, Polly's compassionate, moving and humorous approach to leading kids gives parents practical tools that make parenting reliably more pleasurable and peaceful. In her Parent Labs, caregivers benefit from understanding how to be peaceful and committed leaders to their children without threads, attacks, major ruptures or shaming. She will show you a path to staying whole and relaxed through the difficult parenting moments and how to grow the celebratory moments too. 

Contact us if you would like to invite Polly to facilitate an experiential learning event or teach in your community.

See below for topics to choose from:

LAB Topics

  • The Magic of the Telegram - Learn how to use Polly's Telegrams for Communication and Self Reflection to positively transform the culture of your home or school.

  • The BIG PIVOT: Shifting Gears from Managing Kids to Leading Adolescents
  • The Dad LAB

  • Making Chores, Manners and Allowance Simple LAB

  • The Language of Attachment and Relaxed Leadership: What to Say and How to Say it so that your kids WANT to listen to you every time you speak.

  • Big Hard Emotions LAB: Teaching Your Kids how to Emotionally Settle and how to use feeling for healing yourself and your kids

  • The Sibling LAB

  • Soothing Anxiety LAB: How to quell worries, sooth big feelings and help your family relax when your kid is feeling stormy

  • Building a Secure Family (for all styles and sizes of family)

  • The Hierarchy LAB: The Art and Magic of Leading Kids Without Breaking a Sweat

  • Building Secure Attachments at home (as your best defense against depression and addiction)

  • Building Secure Attachments at School- for Teachers and Admin

  • The House that Tech Built: Staying Attached with Tech all Around

  • Teen LABS (for parents & educators of teens & tweens)- “10 Jedi Mind Tricks for Getting your Teens Attention” & “Zen & The Art of Teen Maintenance”

  • Tech Talk: 10 Revolutionary ways to build strong character and teach integrity while using Media at Home

  • Building Healthy Media Agreements to teach integrity and balance at home

  • Host an "What Can I Say?" LAB: Gather a group of friends or community members and bring your real life parent puzzles forward to learn as a group.

  • Coupling: Savoring Your Partnership and Growing Your Intimate Connection