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Getting on The Same Page: for parents who want to raise kids as a coordinated team

Monday Evening LAB Series

When: 6:30-8pm on 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20

Facilitator: Polly Ely, MFT

Where: Wood Island Auditorium, 80 East Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Larkspur

Cost: $600 per couple for the 4 class series ($150/couple per LAB)

A 4-class Monday Evening Series:

Mixed messages be gone! When 2 parents are on different pages sending different messages, life at home grows chaotic, kids get confused and parents grow frustrated with each other. In this interactive series, parents will learn about teaming up together, and to co-create a shared plan for the inevitable rocky moments that pop up with kids. 

How will we handle discipline? How do we help each other when one of us is losing our cool? How do we offer each other advice about parenting that keeps each of us whole and feeling respected?

You will leave each LAB feeling like you are singing from the same sheet of music and operating as a team who stands peacefully together no matter what the kids throw at you.

LAB #1: Getting on The Same Page: Discipline & Consequences Monday 4/29/19

LAB #2: Getting on The Same Page: Chores, Manners & Mealtime Monday 5/6/19

LAB #3: Getting on The Same Page: Sleep Routines & the Morning Hustle Monday 5/13/19

LAB #4: Getting on The Same Page: Technology Agreements & Screen-time Use Monday 5/20/19