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Ross Valley Nursery School LAB: Soothing Anger, Managing Tech & Cultivating Independence (in our Preschool Kids)

  • Ross Valley Nursery School 689 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Kentfield, CA, 94904 United States (map)

Private event: Ross Valley Nursery School presents this custom LAB to it’s parent body

1) Technology…How do I introduce screens and tech into our life in a way that doesn’t take my kid over? What are the boundaries for my kids and for us parents? How do we set up a balanced relationship with technology in our home? When is it too much? How can I avoid it all together?

3) Kid's independence: How do we cultivate independence and autonomy instead fear and overwhelm  in our kids? How can I override my hovercraft impulses, bypass my helicopter reflex, and ignore my snow plow twitch so that my kids can become the autonomous, self assured, problem solvers they are meant to become?

4) Anger management: Where do I begin to teach my kid how to regulate their anger, their disappointment and their tantrums? How should I intervene? When do I back off and what are the words I can use to de-escalate my angry kid? Most of all, where do I draw a hard line?  Teaching our kids (and ourselves) how to relate during an angry surge is the learning we ALL get to practice with Polly.