Few of us are taught that healthy relationships are built on 1/3 peaceful good times, 1/3 ruptures and 1/3 repair (clean-up). When we can try to own a little bit of a mess that has been made, we become more trustworthy and grow closer.

Think of a telegram as a tool to help you understand how you are feeling inside and to help others who care about you, understand you better too.

Be Brave: Fill one out and share it. Slide it under a door. Fold it into a paper airplane and fly it in to someone you love. Leave it on your loved one’s pillow or on their car seat or tuck it in a safe place for your own reflection.

Telegrams to Print at Home

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CleanING UP MESSES between People

This telegram helps families recover from hard moments and helps to heal wounds and hurts that so naturally happen between family members. The more we can embrace “cleaning up” our messes with each other along the way, the more we can deepen the safety and love we feel with each other.

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Dealing with Difficult Feelings

To help you understand what’s happening on the inside.To help you learn about what you need when you are struggling. To help you be brave to communicate your feelings and needs to those who love you.

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Coping with a difficult experience

It can be such a puzzle to figure out what we are feeling inside or to communicate about a hard moment. When we practice identifying difficult feelings and staying with them a little bit at a time, we feel better. This Telegram helps parents and teachers guide kids in identifying what difficult feelings are happening for them on the INSIDE.

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Dealing with Anxiety

For anyone who wants to understand his/her own unique anxiety, or moments of panic. This telegram helps the user study their experience, feel relief, and communicate with family members or therapists about what he/she is discovering.

This telegram is meant to be used by yourself or between a caregiver and child of any age.

Telegram Pads

Finding the Good telegram

This telegram invites you to go on a hunt for what’s working around you and share what you notice. You can offer “feel-good” fuel to the people around you by just appreciating them directly and with details! The effect on the receiver is immediate: A low mood suddenly lifts...A crummy day gets brighter...Self-doubt turns to con- fidence. And surprise! It’s not just the receiver of the telegram who gets fueled, the sender gets a feel-good boost too. So be brave—find the GOOD around you and share what you find! You can change someone’s life for the better right now with one telegram. 

Making Repairs telegram (for adults)

This telegram walks you through the steps to clean up a relational mis-step so that intimate partnerships can endure and deepen after the natural and expectable ruptures occur.

Gratitude  Telegram (for family & partners)


Use it to train your brain to scan for what’s working with the people you care about. The actual experience of doing the telegram can immediately change your brain chemistry and get you more balanced in your perspective of someone you love and care about. These telegrams also function as instant nourishment for a strained connection.