We're often asked about what tools parents can use to manage technology at home. The following list is a good start, and updated regularly.

The Technology Agreement

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Please feel free to use (and edit) this agreement according to your family's needs and values. This is a living breathing agreement, not just a simple contract. Download to find out more.

Managing Access 

There are many tools now being made available to parents that enable you to limit or restrict internet access at home. Please enjoy this list of resources for an updated list both to secure your network and to help your child manage his/her time:

Internet Access

  • Manage Wi-Fi network screen time using a distinct Wi-Fi router just for the kids from Eero
  • Comcast Xfinity  has parental monitoring as part of their home internet service
  • AT&T and Verizon: Log in to turn off cellular access, set hours of use and set limits via your carrier

Content Restrictions

  • Limit access to pornographic sites for FREE with www.opendns.com
  • Schedule downtime from distracting apps and social media site with www.freedom.to
  • Use www.ourpact.com to turn off ALL non-apple non-native apps for big chunks of the day
  • Common Sense Media recommends www.bark.us and the Limitly app from www.pumpic.com to monitor your kid’s online activity

Remote Monitoring

  • Keep www.logmein.com on all computers and let your kids know you can drop in and spot check what they are watching/doing online at any time.
  • https://meetcircle.com -A smart way for families to manage content and time online, on any device
  • https://www.unglue.com -Too much screen time is a problem all parents face. Now there’s a solution that gives your kids the power to learn healthier habits — within your boundaries.