Life Support for families with Epilepsy

Often when a child gets diagnosed with epilepsy, the immediate concern is seizure management. Parents and caregivers quickly learn however that an epilepsy diagnosis comes with a broad range of challenges. Ashley Wood, LCSW and parent of a child with epilepsy understands this and in response wrote this deck of cards with Polly Ely, MFT, Founder of The LAB Method and Joseph Sullivan, MD to serve as ‘medicine’ for the entire family.

Life Support is a planning, coping and communication resource that comes in the form of 41 cards packed with tips, tools, solutions and scripts to support people caring for a child with epilepsy.


‘Nuts and Bolts’ cards to help you get organized and stay organized as you adjust and live with epilepsy.  These cards offer ‘easy to access’ information that you will refer to often in your day-to-day life with epilepsy.


‘Situation and Solution’ cards to serve as your personal assistant when you are caring for your child through a stormy period of her/his epilepsy.  When epilepsy is quiet, these cards are designed to support you in your recovery and help you and your family live well.

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