Contact Polly if you would like to invite her to facilitate an Parent LAB, Couples LAB or Family LAB in your community. Most LABs are 90 min-2 hours and often include a short guided reflection period to crystallize the message for each attendee.

Mini LABS: Mini LABS can be held either in a private residence or here in the office, and are 90 minutes-2 hours. Sessions can hold up to 8 people each, and we let you gather the group of participants so we can be sure everyone involved feels comfortable and safe sharing personal experiences and vulnerabilities. Polly is available for Mini LABS during the day on Friday and Saturday, and some weekday evenings as well. If you'd like to get something set up, please email us to propose some dates and times that would work for you, and we can get the process started.

CHoose from the TOPICS below


Holy Shift! Finding your Cool When you've Lost it (The Parent Regulation LAB)

How can you keep a cool head and a warm heart when the wheels are falling off the bus? If emotions or rage seem to take you over, don’t miss this tools-based LAB to give you something else to do besides yell, bribe, threaten or collapse.

The Secure Family LAB

Few people know the strain that kids will put on a partnership and fewer still know what to do to fortify their connection and create a balanced family structure. This LAB will teach you and your partner 10 simple principles & practices to fortify your family, reinforce your partnership and help your kids be relaxed and joyful rather than anxious and self centered..

The Big Pivot: Shifting Gears from Managing Kids to Leading Adolescents (Newest adolesecence LAB)

If you feel like you can't get through to your teen or the reception between you is fuzzy, come to this Teen LAB for a major infusion of inspiration and practical tools to clear up the connection and get them listening to you again.

 How do we LEAD them in a way that isn't divisive and doesn't leave lasting ruptures on both sides? Is it possible to LEAD invisibly so that they don't even realize you are leading? Is it possible to make them WANT to do right by you? How do we keep them close to us when their friend family is beckoning for their constant presence? Is it possible to keep them safe without invading every ounce of their privacy? Yes. Come find out how...

*Any Teen LAB can include a special segment on teens & screens: transform the sticky moments around technology into connecting opportunities between parents & teens.

Teen LABs: (For Parents & Educators of Teens and Tweens)

  1. 10 Jedi Mind Tricks for Getting your Teen's Attention
  2. Improve Your Reception & Build a Clear Connection With Your Teen
  3. Zen & the Art of Teen Maintenance
  4. Being a Calm Captain in the Stormy Seas of Adolescence

The Dad LAB

This LAB is a game changer.

Dads, your kids are WANTING to build a personal relationship with you. Your shoes can't be filled by anyone else. This LAB will highlight how to take being a Dad to a much deeper level to completely change your kids lives, your life as a father and the future of your family tree. This LAB will also feature a segment on partnering and how to partner in the most soothing & rewarding way with your spouse. (Sorry Moms, This is a Dads-only event.)

Chores, Manners and Allowance LAB

Learn to connect, relax and teach when you are tempted to correct, punish and preach. Discover a shame-free path to raising a polite kid who is happy to work

The Relaxed Leadership LAB: What to Say and How to Say it so that your kids WANT to listen to you every time you speak.

Do you hold the reins so tight that that your kid is always trying to buck you? Are you stuck in constant negotiations? Do you become fearful of losing your power and get reactive? Do you get overwhelmed and give up (becoming overly permissive) when your kid tries to take the reins? 

The balance between being loving, and being in charge can be struck! What's the secret for keeping your head and staying connected with your kid WHILE you hold firm boundaries in place? Find out how to become "a calm captain" in this Leadership essentials lab.

Big Hard Emotions LAB: Teaching Your Kids how to Emotionally Settle and how to use feeling for healing yourself and your kids

When the stormy emotions blow in, learn how to captain the ship and help your child ride out the storm out without hurting the people they love. These simple principles will help reactive kids settle quicker and help frozen parents relax while the storm blows through.

The Sibling LAB: Turn Rivalry into Reverie- Fighting into Delighting -Teasing into Pleasing

This LAB offers powerful transformative practices that aim to help parents lead their kids towards becoming a team. Here is the straight talk and practical guidance to transform relationships between siblings

Stormy Moments LAB

Quell worries, sooth big feelings and help your family/kids relax when your kid is feeling stormy, anxious or reactive. 

Building a Secure Family (for all styles and sizes of family)

Kids who feel proud and connected to their families are less susceptible to all kinds of negative peer influences and are more thoughtful about their choices in all areas of their life. This LAB will reveal a few simple principles that will bring your family immediately closer and help everyone feel the deep security that grows from being an INTENTIONAL family.

Hierarchy Matters:  HOW TO  “Keep Hold of the Reins' and Relax as a Parent at the Same Time.

The Art and Magic of Leading Kids Without Breaking a Sweat

The magic of the communicating about the hard stuff at home or at school

Learn how to use Polly's Telegrams to positively transform the culture of your home or school.


No one ever played with me as a kid and now I don’t really know how to hangout/play with my kid. My child seems desperate for attention! How much time do I really need to give him/her to build an amazing relationship and an independent kid?  Why is my child acting out? What can I do to help them feel more settled inside and seek attention in more productive ways?  My kid is clingy and anxious. Is there something I can offer that might help them relax and grow secure?

Is there anything I can do TODAY with my kids to prevent a nightmare later?


Find out the very simple concrete things you can do to raise a secure person and grow a lasting sturdy bond with your kids.

Building Secure Attachments at School: for Teachers and Administrators

Leadership practices to transform the way you lead and how they follow. Learn some simple practices to reduce anxiety at school and move through difficult moments in a way that transforms your school culture.

The House that Tech Built: Staying Attached with Tech all Around

Technology doesn't have to divide you and your kids. It can actually bring you closer. Learn how to cultivate trust and raise accountability around screen-time at home while building closeness. Learn how to design some clear boundaries around phone time that serves your relationship and are easy to implement. 

Tech Talk LAB

10 Revolutionary ways to build amazing connections and teach integrity while using Media at Home. 

"What Can I Say?" LAB

Gather a group of friends or community members and bring your real life parent puzzles forward to learn as a group. Polly will infuse the room with a variety of mantras, scripts and new order to make life at home flow smoothly.

Coupling LAB

Savoring Your Partnership and Growing Your Intimate Connection