The LAB Method encourages parents to leave behind shame-based, “power-over", fear-centric, authoritarian ways of relating in favor of those based on truthfulness, vulnerability, mutual accountability and kind leadership.

We specialize in teaching parents and partners how to use language to tend, heal and deepen bonds. We create products that give you words to make practice easy and encourage you to notice the stellar results when you do…

Grounded in attachment theory, The LAB Method is dedicated to bringing immediately useful tools to help you re-write any part of your relating software that doesn’t serve the family you are building today.

Secure Attachment

⅓ Rupture, ⅓ Attunement, ⅓ Repair 

What comprises secure attachment? How is it built? Why is it important as a child and how does the way we attach to our caregivers affect how we do relationships later in life?

Emotional Attunement

Learn how to attune and be a regulating, soothing, force to those you love and to yourself and to balance emotional steadiness with the freedom to feel deeply at times at home.

LAB language

Language that Makes Change

The LAB method teaches a unique way to use language to tend, heal and deepen our bonds with our children and partners. The LAB Method brings you mini-scripts for amazing results.

Clear Leadership

Maintain a Healthy Hierarchy

Re-create the old paradigms that leave leaders exhausted and exasperated and often, chronically irritated. Learn the art of leading in a way that allows you to relax and keep a healthy

Family Life

Hone Your Family Values

Here is your opportunity to build your own blueprint for family that is unique to you based on your values, your sense of what feels just and balanced and your goals for creating closeness at home.


Prioritize Adult Partnerships

Keep your partnership sacred and learn how to build on and savor the positive aspects of each other as opposed to slowly eroding each other with critique and correction.