Polly Ely, LMFT

Founder, Speaker & Author

Recently reviewed as "a passionate, inspired, supportive, gritty crusader", Polly dedicates her professional energy to bringing forth a truthful (and hilarious) conversation about the real life picture of parenting and family life. She provides "the ultimate roadmap with practical fixes and immediate solutions for getting unstuck with kids, while always tying the little moments of the day to a bigger picture relating to mental health, secure attachment and addiction prevention.

With compassion and a judgment free delivery, she guides parents through the twists and turns of parenting at every age and stage teaching them (often through stories of her own fumbles) HOW to be in charge and be relaxed at the same time. She writes and speaks as a supportive ally to parents and partners everywhere, naming and normalizing the harrowing journey of parenting and giving parents actual routes out of the places where they feel lost.

Polly's private practice and speaking schedule is full at this time. Polly will be hosting her own Parent & Family LABs this fall 2018, and will not be booking outside speaking engagements again until January 2019. 

“When the doors of our homes close and the messiness of family life lay before us…when everyone is needing different things and we are forgetting how to love each other, that’s when we need to be able to grab onto some new ways of relating using some simple tools to end old painful patterns and start new healing ones. This is where the Parent LAB comes in.”
— Polly Ely, MFT

Ashley Wood, LCSW

Contributor & LAB Method Specialist

Ashley has been studying, integrating and practicing the LAB method, personally and professionally from the moment she attended Polly’s first public LAB in 2014.   Ashley remembers her first LAB experience like it was yesterday. She recalls leaving that first LAB with an updated flashlight and fresh batteries that works with the current landscape of modern parenting and relating.  As Ashley returned to her home life and professional life, she also quickly realized that she needed to keep going to LABs to keep her batteries strong. Trusting that others may want to review the material they heard at a LAB, Ashley has been making herself available to families and parents in her private practice to help them adapt the framework into their home.

For 1-3 session parent consultations with Ashley, Contact her directly at Ashley@thelabmethod.com