Based on years of study with families in private practice, Polly is reaching out to parent communities, student bodies, and faculties to bring the conversation and practice of emotional well-being and secure attachment into focus. Seeking to share invaluable language and transformative practices so that emotional health can take root in families and schools, she created The LAB Method.

“When the doors of our homes close and the messiness of family life lay before us…when everyone is needing different things and we are forgetting how to love each other, that’s when we need to be able to grab onto some new ways of relating using some simple tools to end old painful patterns and start new healing ones.
— Polly Ely, MFT

Polly Ely, LMFT

Founder, Speaker and Author

I am a parent of two teens and a partner of 21 years. I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and have a private practice in Corte Madera, CA.  In response to the skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety and addiction I saw, I formed The LAB Method in 2014 as an experiential method of teaching families & parents how to connect, heal and grow - leaving behind outdated shame tactics that cause division and separateness at home. I host learning LABs throughout the Bay Area working with schools, parents, and organizations to share the attachment science and neuroscience behind fostering healthy family relationships, communities and parent partnerships.

Building healthy secure practices between parents and their children is my passionate crusade. It's my way of reaching into the future and changing the way it unfolds for the better.

Ashley Wood, LCSW

Advisor, Collaborator and Co-Author

I love working with couples and focusing on each member’s strengths and bids for connection with their partner. Most couples that find me in private practice are well into crisis or a state of distance from one another. I am thrilled to develop a program with my colleague Polly to meet the needs of everyday partners who face ordinary challenges. I am inspired to bring more fun and play to the idea of “working on our marriage”.

I began my training as an undergraduate at the University of Vermont studying Human Development and Family Systems. While I took a short detour working in corporate America in finance, I quickly realized my passion and completed a Master of Social Work at Columbia University. Since becoming a Licensed Psychotherapist in California in 2003, I have pursued advanced training in working with couples. I currently focus on the latest developments of neuroscience, attachment and mindfulness