Life Support Project | Q & A


Ashley Wood, LCSW & co-author of The Life Support deck of cards for families living with epilepsy knows all too well that this medical condition is one of the most complicated diagnoses to navigate. Ashley’s 11 year old daughter Piper lives with epilepsy (Dravet Syndrome).

Inspired by her challenging adjustment to epilepsy, Ashley and The LAB Method team are offering a free service that allows you to ask questions about all of the hard moments we face in parenting and partnering. Our goal is to build a library of videos responding to questions that come up outside of medication and seizure management.

Disclaimer: This service is not intended for emergencies and crisis oriented questions. If you are in crisis and in need of immediate attention, contact your on-call neurologist, pediatrician and/or 911.




Please leave your messages up to 5 minutes in length via the blue button below.

Please include the following information:

  • Age of your child

  • Current health status / diagnosis

  • Length of time you have known about your child’s epilepsy

  • Are their siblings/if so, how many

  • Anything else that might help us better respond to your question

We are excited to start hearing from you! To begin, hit the “Start recording” button below.